Chicago Park Signage

One thing I've noticed after visiting hundreds of Chicago Park sites is that there is a variety of signage. My favorite signs are the identification signs with the name of the park and I've come to realize there are many variations of these signs.

My guess is that the variety of these signs reflects an evolution of design standards within the Chicago Park District and the fact that old signs aren't replaced unless broken. So there is wonderful diversity in Chicago Park signage.

These are definitely my favorite Chicago Park signs. The are usually free standing signs with a wonderful rounded quadrilateral shape with the name of the Park above a narrow band that read "Chicago Park District." These signs also exist at Moran, Gompers, and DeJulio Park - among many others, I sure! - I just don't have pictures of those signs yet.

Another common sign, these are long, rectangular signs with the name of the park in white letters on a green background. The words "Chicago Park District" usually appear below with some variation on design details.

I believe these are the current park signs; they are usually rectangular signs with the name of the park, hours of operation, and a bottom band with pictorial images of the amenities offered at the park. 

Beyond those standards, a few parks have somewhat unique or interesting signage.